Adding a Herpes Resource


Add a herpes resource request. One way you can help others is to refer a Herpes Treatment Resource that you have found helpful. Whether it is a group, a book, a hotline, blog or even a Youtube Video – I welcome and appreciate your contribution.

You have two options:
1. You can use the e-mail form to submit your recommendation privately.
2. You can post your recommendation in the comments below.

In both cases, I will attempt to make contact with the referral to ask for permission to post. That may be offset if you are the owner of the site, an authorized agent, or if the site by its nature is a public resource. Once permission is granted to post, I will add it into the relevant area and respond to your comment. Comments will typically be removed after 30 days.

Are backlinks necessary? No. Appreciated? Yes.

Does accept guest articles? Yes. Full credits are given to include backlinks. Mark is also very keen on doing interviews (text-based at the moment) of others in the Herpes Support Community.

Can provide its own guest articles? Yes, we also accept requests (but cannot guarantee) articles on specific subjects. Please provide 3-5 days notice though Mark can work with you if you have hard and fast deadline. Mark is also open and available to do interviews (text/voice).

Note: The scope of articles and other forms of content for includes all matters associated with Herpes and Healthcare (Primary) and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Secondarily). Discretion will be applied as to the relevancy of topics within and/or going slightly beyond these parameters.

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