Herpes Cold Sores – Contagious


Herpes is contagious - learn how it spreads.For years people have believed that colds and flues cause cold sores. The fact is, cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus and is considered to be highly contagious at times.

Herpes and cold sores contagious ability can take place at anytime not just when there are active outbreaks or lesions occurring. Herpes and cold sores contagious strength comes during times of viral shedding which is a process that occurs in the blood and shows no symptoms or outbreak. Herpes and cold sores contagious ability is most likely to take place during the times of outbreak and lesions. When herpes and cold sores are present, you should avoid skin-to-skin contact with those who may not be infected.

Herpes and cold sores contagious stages can vary so it is recommended that you seek out a treatment that is affective for you to help decrease the duration of the outbreak. Talk to your healthcare provider to find the herpes treatment option that is best for you.

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