Herpes Dating Guide

Herpes Dating Guide

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Herpes Dating Guide

Herpes Dating Guide

Dating in general can be quite stressful these days when you take into consideration the number of people that carry emotional baggage from former relationships. Dating with herpes tends to be more stressful yet. Not only does a person carry with them the emotional baggage from a former relationship, but also they carry with them a constant reminder of the deceptions that caused the downfall of that former relationship.

This is a burden that a person who lives with herpes and faces the acts of dating with herpes must bear.

Having The Talk – A Suggested Guideline

Those who face dating with herpes find themselves facing possible ridicule and rejection, which is often the basis for driving them into their own private prison of confinement. Many times people who live with herpes will remain alone for long periods of time rather than face the rejection. Rejections that are based on nothing more than a persons lack of education on the topic of sexually transmitted diseases.

The reality is dating a person with herpes who knowingly admits to having the virus is likely to be more safe than dating in the general population that contains the estimated 90% of the population who live with herpes and haven’t a clue of the virus they carry.

There are ways in which dating with herpes can be viewed as positive! The positive aspects of dating with herpes are – honesty. The person living with herpes has been honest with you to the extent that they faced ridicule and rejection by disclosing this very private information with you.

Another positive aspect of dating with herpes is the fact that a couple is placed in a position of trust. It is highly unlikely that a person dating with herpes and has been honest enough to disclose this information to you will put you in the position of risk. It will encourage communication that will likely minimize the risk of transmission.

Finally another positive aspect that is often overlooked is the fact that dating with herpes encourages a relationship that is not based on sex alone. During times of outbreak the couple has the option of exploring alternatives in intimacy that can ultimately increase positive growth in the relationship.

When dating with herpes, the person who carries the virus has many options available to minimize the risk of transmitting the virus. Recent studies indicate that proper treatment of herpes can reduce the risk of transmission. Herpes outbreaks can also be treated with products such as H-Balm that quicken the healing time of lesions and allow the person with herpes to get back to a normal life beyond the outbreak.


Herpes & STD Positive Dating Sites


  • hsvsingles.com/ – Exclusive to herpes sufferers. Fee based dating site – great search feature, supports videos.
  • herpespassions.com/ – A herpes positive dating site with forums, chat feature, suggested reading and more. Free to join, extra services may cost.
  • positivesingles.com/ – Over 15,000 members, blogs, dating success stories involving herpes and other std’s. Free to join, extra services are fee based.
  • stdfriends.com/ – Free sign-up, charges for extra services. Not specific to herpes, covers all STDs. Online chat, articles and more.
  • pozgroup.com/ – Free Lifetime Ads, extra service may cost extra – for anyone with testing positive with an std. Online chat, stories and more.
  1. amyamy04-19-2012

    Are there any websites for dating with herpes or stds?

  2. MarkusMarkus04-19-2012

    Hi Amy – thank you for your question, I just sent you the address of one that I know is active and free. I’ll be updating this section very shortly with more – will send you a quick update.

    Take Care! Mark

  3. NikkiNikki04-29-2012

    I would like to know the same thing are there any websites for dating with herpes?

    • johnjohn05-06-2012

      there are few herpes dating sites www. hsvsingles.com that i know of

  4. LilyLily07-28-2012

    I’d like to know about when the person you were dating tells you about the STD AFTER they’ve kissed you, which could give you the virus too. I need advice please. I don’t know what to do. I feel like he cheated me deciding whether or not I wanted to continue the relationship. Basically, I wish he would have told me BEFORE we had become more intimate (kissing, et cetera). He did tell me though, but not soon enough. Please help.

    • JazzelJazzel11-22-2012

      I think there is a cure. . But I will not give the public as it is not so bad for them. . . . Herpes only cueass pain and there is a low number of people with a severe case. . . So that they feel is right. . . And I also feel that I will not give the public, because then everyone will abuse it. . . But I feel this way. . . . . . . Should be given to us as soon as possible. . . But who can complain to us. . . Maybe in a couple of years do not give us anything. . . For now is veltrex. . . And if it really is not a cure, then it is a virus and viruses can not be cured because it is so deep in our systems. . . Buh bye

  5. ColleenColleen07-30-2012

    From the documentation and articles I have read, it sounds like you do not need to divulge your HSV1 status (oral cold sores) to others, but you do need to divulge your HSV2 status (genital) to others.

    Is this correct? And if so, what is the difference??

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