Herpes Simplex


Herpes Simplex 1

A picture of an Oral Herpes Outbreak – Herpes Simplex 1

Herpes simplex virus 1is the strain of the herpes virus that is most commonly associated with oral herpes. However, in more recent studies, the findings are that herpes simplex virus 1 is accounting for the majority of newly diagnosed genital herpes cases.

Throughout the years, the common belief was that oral sex is safe sex. With the growing number of herpes simplex virus 1 genital herpes cases, that former belief is proving to be false at best. Society needs to wake up and realize that herpes is herpes regardless of whether it is herpes simplex virus 1 or 2.

Researchers do believe that each type does have it’s own preferred location. Example: Herpes simplex 1 does have the preferred location of the mouth or oral area while herpes simplex 2 has the preferred area of the genitals or boxer short region as stated by some physicians.

What is meant by preferred is that the preferred area is where the herpes simplex virus thrives best. Those who become infected with the herpes simplex virus 1 orally are prone to have more frequently recurring cold sore outbreaks while those who would contract herpes simplex virus 1 genitally are believed to experience less frequent outbreaks and far milder symptoms.

While on the other hand, those who would contract herpes simplex virus 2 genitally would have more frequent outbreaks and stronger symptoms because it would be in its preferred area. It is also believed that herpes simplex virus 2 is less commonly transmitted to the oral region where herpes simplex virus 1 is known to cross both barriers more frequently.


Herpes simplex virus 1 – Common both orally and genitally

Milder outbreaks associated with genital infections, stronger symptoms with oral infections.


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