Herpes Support

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Herpes SupportNational Herpes Hotline
(919) 361-8488

National STD Hotline
(800) 227-8922 or
(800) 342-2437
En Español (800) 344-7432

Other Sites to Consider

Herpes Network
Herpes & HPV
Planned Parenthood

  1. patrick evanspatrick evans04-29-2012

    I need somewhere to meet people live living with herpes

    • SamanthaSamantha07-16-2012

      You and me both…

  2. JonJon05-03-2012

    Just found out yestorday at 10:30am that i have herpes simplex or hsv-2 and am having trouble dealing with it would like to find an online chat group or something to get information and to talk to people that have the same thing and understand. please let me know.

    • MariaMaria04-07-2013

      I’mjust like you at this moment. :(

  3. ZaidZaid05-08-2012

    Hi…am just wondered if any new news or serious efforts to kill the herpes virus soon .thanks

  4. Candice90Candice9005-21-2012

    @Jon I have been battling a recurrence of herpes for years now. Before I started using Alleviox Cream, I use to get the painful sore every so often.But since I started using Alleviox Cream, I can’t remember when I last got the sores. What I like about Alleviox Cream is that you don’t need a prescription to order it.

    • thebullthebull11-23-2012

      I have look everywhere for Alleviox cream can someone please tell me where i could buy some from?

  5. raerae05-31-2012

    I want to join a group in my area that I can trust. I live in central Illinois. Who might you suggest. I don’t want my life to be dull just because of this issue. I am healthy, happy and believe there is life after this…

    • AlexAlex06-25-2012

      Me to

  6. Briana JonesBriana Jones06-11-2012

    I have herpes for five years now. I really need some to talk to a relate to. Please help. I have so many questions.

  7. AlexAlex06-25-2012

    Im Alex i been dealing with hsV 2 in is been bring me done I’m scared to date ne more

  8. Amy ivyAmy ivy07-27-2012

    I was diagnosed with herpes 2 about 6 years ago but, have never had an outbreak, has anybody had the same???

  9. dandan09-12-2012

    I got tested for STD’s and it came back positive for HSV-1 the type for cold sores. I have never had a cold sore. The girl I am dating now just told me that she has cold sores. Is it possible to get cold sores from her if I already have the HSV-1 strand but never had a cold sore before?

  10. CarmenCarmen11-25-2012

    I have had hsv2 for 4 years and it sucks. Im 26 years old and married my husband told me the other day the only reason we are still married after all the fighting we have been through with eachother is because he gave me hsv2 and he doesnt want me to be on my own. He told me he didnt mean it and it was just because I was annoying him right then and we were fighting and it was is PTSD talking not him from being in the Marine Corp so long. I dont know what I should do I feel like I will be alone forever with this if I leave, since I dont feel anybody will want me if I tell someone that I have this. I wouldnt even know how to start dating again since this is my 2nd marriage and I’ve been married since I was 18. I just dont know if I should leave or not and how difficult it would be to find someone that understands or has the same situation. All I ever wanted was to be happy have a big family and someone that loves unconditionally.

  11. TotallyTotally12-02-2012

    I’m trying to start a new relationship and really need support dealing with telling my partner

  12. AngelinaAngelina12-09-2012

    Plz help . I recently slept with someone for the first time unprotectaly .
    2 days and now I thought earlier tonight I was breaking out and thought nothing about it.
    Then I started to itch and got a lil nervous . Now I’m laying in bed with a fever .
    I’m a young girl that is moving to Cali in 2 months and was hoping for a bright future .
    Now I don’t know what to do with myself . How am I ever supposed to go on knowing I’m different and that
    Ill probably never ever have a relationship again .
    Plz email me .
    I don’t know where to go or who to talk about this

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