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Natural and Organic Herpes Treatment ReviewsAn independent laboratory analysis of herpes treatments and “100% all natural” products on the market to treat herpes was recently conducted. The following findings were indicated. Please review the findings and take those into consideration before purchasing herpes treatment products for personal use.

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The analysis indicates that Tea Tree oil is a main ingredient in many of these products. The test established that the tea tree used in all products tested was “lower than average quality, except for H-Balm for Herpes, The tea tree had a high sesquiterpene content relative to their terpinol content.” This is significant as Dr. Penoel, MD, states that the imbalance in these tea tree oils further negates the quality of these herpes treatment products and will not provide adequate therapeutic value and should not be used in medicinal therapeutic formulas.

This inferior quality makes these products suitable for the perfume or petrochemical industry. These products use oils produced on plantations using petro-chemical agriculture such as pesticides sprayed in abundance on their crops. As a result, these products will not only be of inferior quality but also cause skin irritation and negative side effects. This confirms why we have received numerous reports from people who have indicated derma caustic results from these products tested, while reports of use of H-Balm continue to receive good to excellent reviews.

H-Balm & H-Balm Extra Strength

We have also found sabinyl acetate in high amounts in other herpes treatment products touting themselves as being “100% pure and natural essential oils.” The addition this substance indicates probable addition of chemicals or synthetics to the product. Additionally, sabinyl acetate is found to have damaging abortive effects on laboratory animals and is a dangerous compound. This is a high-risk compound with severe negative side effects caused in laboratory studies, worse than just about any natural compound found.

Various doctors contacted who have worked with essential oils for over 20 years have never seen sabinyl acetate in such extreme quantities in an essential oil product. They find this disturbing and dangerous, thereby terming it “a high risk product.” These doctors cite this compound to cause unwanted and forced miscarriages (abortive effect) in laboratory animals.

Forces of Nature USA’s H-Balm showed no traces of sabinyl acetate.

Tea tree oil is also found to be one of several ingredients in the Forces of Nature H-Balm herpes treatment product. This oil was tested and found to be of exceptional quality and Dr. Penoel rates the characteristics of the tea tree in H-Balm to have the highest therapeutic value for medicinal formulas.

This product further showed that the oils were extremely anti viral as claimed and of the highest quality. One could therefore expect to achieve excellent results when using this product for therapeutic use. The tea tree in H-Balm was also found to have 9% 1.8 cineole that Dr. Penoel finds to be optimum for therapeutic value. This concentration is approximately 450% higher than that found in the other herpes treatment products.

Interesting facts:

The increased use of plants in France is part of a larger movement of development of so called non-conventional medicines and self-management of the health of an individual.

However, France is also very careful to ensure safety and make certain extracts illegal for use as they have caused toxicity. Cedarleaf is among some of these oils banned due to toxicity. This banned oil, cedarleaf, we have found in the other all natural essential oil products treating viruses, but not in the Forces of Nature product line.

In France, plant legislation is based on a 1979 decree legalizing 34 plants for medicinal use. As a result of side effects and toxicity of a very select few oils, including cedarleaf which these essential oil products use, a second decree was passed in 1986, establishing the sale and use for only about 5 very select oils, including cedarleaf, as ILLEGAL.

Concurrently, a positive decree earlier in the century has a positive list of substances approved for dietary use of about 196 plants; It appears that Forces of Nature religiously adheres to this list of positive extracts. The makers who go outside this list are liable to criminal falsification charges. It is illegal to support dietary products with therapeutic claims. Increasingly common charges are: illegal practice of pharmacy, falsification and false advertising.

This is most certainly why the other all natural and essential oil herpes treatment products we tested were only offered for sale over the internet and certainly not found in pharmacies and not approved for over the counter sales. These products have caused derma caustic effects, whereas the products manufactured by Forces of Nature are found in pharmacies and approved for over the counter sales.


In my opinion, a herpes treatment such as H Balm that is medically endorsed, available “over the counter”, carried in pharmacies and retail outlets throughout the U.S., offers a great deal of credibility and reassurance of true benefit versus that of one that is obviously avoiding true therapeutic intent at the expense of it’s customer’s.

This analysis showed striking differences in the quality of these herpes treatment products, yet some similarities in the ingredients. It seems that either other products are an inferior attempt to copy H-Balm or H-Balm copied other products and made it significantly better.

I felt “red flags” go up when I realized the manufacturing and distribution of other products is based out of a residential area (as listed on one manufacturers site). Does this mean this product and others distributed by this company are being manufactured in someone’s kitchen, basement or garage? One can only imagine.

Lastly, the manufacturer of one particular herpes treatment product appears to be supporting the efforts of one STD Dating site that has a reputation of stealing email addresses, continuous spamming and numerous reports of alleged harassment of those living with herpes. As can be imagined, this is also the same company which has sabinyl acetate in its products as well as other substances banned in Europe due to toxicity.

Forces of Nature USA takes a very scientific approach to treating herpes and the fact that their herpes treatment product is again proven to be of the highest quality and safe for use is also very appealing. This seems to be the only herpes treatment product available that promotes itself as “100% pure and natural” and really is.


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