Pictures of Herpes and Genital Herpes


One of the most common mistakes that anyone with herpes can do is to begin a search of self-diagnosis based on herpes pictures they find on the Internet.

Some of the most gruesome herpes pictures are on display on the sites you will explore when seeking out descriptive herpes pictures.

Keep in mind that most pictures you will find are in fact absolute worst-case scenarios that are not common images of what you will experience in a textbook case of a herpes outbreak. Speaking from experience of attempting my own personal self-diagnosis through this particular medium, I can safely say that I myself went misdiagnosed for over a year.

Most cases of herpes will present minimal lesions.  Common sense would tell us this very fact is true as herpes is so widespread and is one of the most commonly spread sexually transmitted diseases.  Relying on herpes pictures that are found on the Internet and in books found at the library cannot be discounted, but proper examination from a medical professional is always the most conclusive way of diagnosing any unexplainable condition that may be taking up existence in your life.

Herpes Simplex 1

A typical case of Herpes Simplex 1

Yahoo Images (Absolutely the WORST CASE Scenarios – Do NOT rely on these photos to show exactly what herpes looks like – every case varies). Using herpes pictures found on the Internet and in the various condition related books is fine if it is only being used as an inquiry of what could happen.  Some of the most common cases of herpes cannot be captured by photo to provide herpes pictures, as it most commonly exists.  When taking into consideration some of the most common misdiagnosis’s that occur in the case of herpes, real herpes pictures might be displayed under such topics as yeast infection, insect bites, jock itch, urinary tract infections, abrasions or razor burn, ingrown hair follicles, and even hemorrhoids.

When seeking out herpes pictures, you might take into consideration the descriptions of herpes that people living with the virus are stating on message boards, chat forums an in personal stories.  Rather than seeking out herpes pictures and upon viewing the oftentimes-terrifying herpes pictures you will find then resigning to the after thought “that doesn’t look like me!”  Visit your local Planned Parenthood.  A little known fact is Planned Parenthood diagnosis’s cases of genital herpes on a frequent basis in both situations of male and female patients.


Afraid To Ask – Listing herpes pictures and various other STD’s – If you are a parent of a teenager and are looking to frighten the willies out of them to prevent early sexual activity, you may just get the job done by exposing them to the herpes pictures you find with a single search on the Internet.

Oral Herpes

Picture of an Oral Herpes Blister.

Herpes can be a stressful condition to have.  It can be painful and debilitating in some cases.  Herpes should not be discounted just because it is a common virus.  The herpes pictures you have or will view are indeed actual cases of herpes and can happen.

Herpes is not a virus that can be explained by a single description, it is a complicated virus that affects the millions who are living with herpes in very different ways.  The worst-case scenarios that are displayed in the herpes pictures provided in the links above are most likely to happen in initial outbreaks or in the cases of those with challenged immune systems.

Common recurring outbreaks are often so minimal that they do go unrecognized or misdiagnosed.  Often blown off as one of the above-mentioned conditions. For anyone who is sexually active, it only takes one partner with either genital herpes or oral herpes to continue the spread of the herpes virus through intimate contact ranging from kissing to sexual intercourse.  Take responsible control of your own life; take the time to get tested properly for sexually transmitted diseases prior to engaging in any intimacies with your partner.

A person living with herpes will not display lesions as they appear in the herpes pictures you will view.  Know that herpes can be in a contagious state even when lesions do to actively appear on your partner.  Easing your own mind and that of your partner can provide a relationship that is free of the questions pertaining to sexually transmitted diseases.

To get a real picture of herpes, look around at your friends, family, neighbors, classmates and any other person you come in contact with.  One in every four people you will see is displaying the truest picture of herpes available in their very existence.


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