Real Stories Of Those Living With Herpes or HPV

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Real Stories by Those Living with Herpes

The information you will find on the Yoshi2me site are true stories written by real people and now, because our beloved Yoshi has her hands SO full of two babies, The STD Resource Network is offering up space for stories to be shared here as well. Feel free to browse the stories of those who have overcome the stigmas associated with living with an STD.

Help make a difference by sharing your story. You can share as little or as much information as you’d like. Send your story to – Stories

Both Herpesonline and Yoshi2me want folks with Herpes or HPV to realize that life does go on.

Perhaps other people reading about how you coped with your diagnosis or how you told a partner will help to inspire others to share their stories.

View some of the stories by clicking the links below:

Stories on The STD Resource Network – Holly

For details on how you can share your story, visit Yoshi2me or email Gayla here on The STD Resource Network.

If you suffer from any of the conditions listed on our sexually transmitted diseases (STD) page and have a story to share please send us your story as soon as possible.

  1. Paris brownParis brown05-03-2012

    Hello I just found out I have the virus but u do not get outbreaks will u ever be able to date and get married and have children? And if I don’t have any outbreaks how will I know I can pas on the virus I’m so scared because in only 22 I feel like my life is over

    • riririri06-02-2012

      hey please let me know how you are coping with this hsv so far. I just found out and the only thing that’s keeping me strong is prayer, I’ll pray for you as well. I went for a second test, I really don’t know why but I did. I just don’t want this to happen to anyone, I was wild and I think this is just God’s way of waking me up. keep in touch maybe we can support each other since this is so difficult and embarrassing. I am also 22 so I know exactly how you are feeling. have a good day.

    • kolae davenportkolae davenport07-04-2012

      I know this was a few months ago you posted this but I hope this gets to you. I have had Herpes II for over 14 years now. I was only two years younger then you when I got it. I had the same questions. I was very afraid to tell others I had it I didn’t want people to think poorly of me. I figured they would treat me like I was some kind of slut though I got the virus from the person I trusted the most my first husband and he was the one that took my virginity. I had several partners after him but I made sure that I did a few things I one told mt parnters what i carried its hard but if they reject you for it they are not worth your time. Second I always made them use condoms and asked them to please wash their hands after and three when I was having an outbreak and after awhile you can feel when you do have an outbreak I didn’t have sex and never used other people’s towels I had several female roommates. I not even to this day that I am ever aware of ever have given it to another person. I am married and I have a 5 year old son neither my husband or son have the virus. You can get married and you can have kids but do not be afraid to tell nurses or doctors what you have so they can take ever measure needed. Also, your partner should always know my partner didn’t tell me because he didn’t know but a female he slept with before did know and effected myself, my husband, and our roommate and friend. Three people in one shot not all from sex now will live for the rest of their lives with it because of that. Now in no way are you the walking plague in no way are you unclean and in no way should you feel bad about it. My advice will always be take precautions so you do not give it to others. I wish you all the best of luck! God Bless!

    • AmberAmber07-04-2012

      Life is not over u can talk to me i have it to i now what you are going through I just found out i had it

    • MelMel07-31-2012

      Hi Ladies,

      I was diagnosed with herpes last july, I was 21. I had a late(r) start in life (sexually speaking), but then LIFE happened and I went through my wild period too. I was dating a guy last year who assaulted me and gave me the virus. Needless to say that came as a double shock. Like you when I first found out, I was devastated and ready to do something crazy. I got really sick because my body is very fragile and reacts to any bacteria and any virus really agressively. I understand the feeling of embarassement and fears of not being wanted that come with it. However, I can confidently tell you that I am now dating a man who is able to LOVE me with my herpes and can see past that. You may have heard this before, but it’s a good screening tool because someone who really loves you won’t let that stop them, they will stay with you regardless because at the end of the day, you can live a NORMAL life. Prayer will help though, this I guarantee.

    • Rex jonesRex jones09-06-2012

      Stay strong…. Your live isnt over yet.

  2. C. RawferdC. Rawferd05-24-2012

    I just received my test results in and I am positive for herpes. My partner didn’t show signs of outbreaks but I caught it and became severely sick, now I’m scared and I don’t know how this will affect my future relationships as I’m only 21

  3. riririri05-30-2012

    hello ladies
    I just found out I have herpes as well, I am going nuts but life isn’t easy… 22 as well don’t even know if I can talk to anyone about it. But am just trying to cope with it before I do something I regret. talking to a cansoler, finding sites like these, and informing myself about hpv.

    • kolae davenportkolae davenport07-04-2012

      I hope you get this if you need to talk to someone and have not already please talk to me about this. I am what people would call a veteran when it comes to this virus. Please email me at if you need someone to talk to who really does not what it is like. I wish you well and God Bless.

  4. LisaLisa06-08-2012

    I was diagnosed in 2007 with hsv after I was raped, I really thought my life was over and I always felt dirty. With the help of a counselor, they helped me see that my life was very full of supportive and loving friends and family and that I did nothing to cause this problem. I have been turned down by 2-3 men once I started dating again, but there are men out there that stand by you, because you are you and they are or have been educated. I’m once again put in this position again with a man that I care so much about, I have never felt this way about any other man. I get butterflies in my stomach everytime we talk or see each other. This weekend I have to tell him that I have hsv and pray that he doesn’t run away from me. If he stays with me then I know this is the right man for me!!! I don’t think I can relive that rape again cause that is what it feels like each time.

  5. jackijacki06-23-2012

    I was just diagnosed with both hsv2 and hpv. I became sick with cmv and that is when I found out. My soon to be ex-husband had hsv2 and never told me :( he never had an outbreak and neither have I. After talking to a very few of my closest friends I found out some of them have it as well. I think so many more people have it & won’t admit it or have never been tested. I go for regular check-ups with my gyno and when i changed partners i made sure to get tested for hiv & such. It wasn’t until i was sick with cmv they actually tested me for hsv2. I am just starting to date again and I am curious how everyone else handles the subject when dating.

  6. JoniJoni06-26-2012

    I was diagnosed about 4 years ago and I fought off depression from this. Life will go on. It is a part of you know and in time things will get easier. It is actually really common. If someone really loves you they will understand and research it. I’m struggling with it because I’m just getting a divorce and now I have to start over. I’m trying to figure out if I should just tell them first and see how they deal or wait until they know me a little better before I tell……I don’t know. I think I just want to get it out in the open.

  7. ConfusedConfused09-06-2012

    I just found out I have HSV don’t know what kind it is. I have no symptoms but what happens. I was wondering how long does it take for you to become asymptomatic, if that ever will happen.

  8. know how u feelknow how u feel09-20-2012

    i was diagnosed when i was 21, and am now 22. i was devastated by the news, and also contracted it from an unknowing carrier. i felt i would never have a sex life, and my life was over, and i wanted to die. i started a relationship with a man when i got out of drug rehab, and i was terrified to tell him, but i did. and he took my hand and said he accepted me anyway, and we are still together. i know its not for everyone, but just fyi, older men are more understanding and educated on the actualities of this condition, and not the myths. the social stigma is the worst part. although my primary outbreak was excruciating, and i still have outbreaks even on medication, but its in part due to stress over legal problems and recovering from drug addiction. i used to be the one looking on these sites for someone to understand me, and this is the first time i ever replied, but all of ur stories described how i fely. and in regards to the girl who said she thought this was a punishment from god, i dont want anyone to think that this is a punishment, and no one deserves this, including you. you all deserve a healthy sex life, and i view it in an almost positive light in that i know im with a good man if he accepts me for it, this helps to weed out the assholes we know all too well, im sure. this is so much more common than u can imagine, just know that someone knows exactly how it feels, the emotional turmoil, shame, embarrassment, confusion, stigmatization, and regret. but that is all a waste of time. i wish u all the best

  9. ludoxludox10-14-2012

    I’m breaking down right now. I just got out of my first long term relationship and started sleeping with a new guy. I notice alot of sensitivity the last time we had sex. When it didn’t go away I looked at it and starteddoing research. Every thing I’ve found points to herpes. I have an appointment tomorrow at planned parenthood and I terrified. The outbreak is hideous and very painful. I feel disgusting and ashamed. We used condoms but the out break is where the condom didn’t cover his penis. I don’t know how to deal with this all on my own at 22 let alone ask the man I’ve been sleeping with if it’s his fault. IM speaking in to depression just from the ashamed feeling that come with this std. On top of this being the most painful thing I have ever experienced, I can’t call off work and move alot during work suck as walking to and from bus stops, and pacing at work with alot of up and down bending. The stress is enough to make me cry let alone to amount of discomfort and pain. I don’t know what IM going to do.

    • KariKari10-24-2012

      Believe you will overcome, I wish I was able to give you a hug. I am forty two years old and I contracted it when I was twenty one years old. I am living proof and I have a healthy eighteen years old son. At first it is very difficult to accept I can’t deny that, but my advise to you is to remember that you are not alone. Please seek counseling because holding this type of information can do more damage then good. This is not a death sentence. A lot of people has it but are ashamed to admitt to it….. When you begin to date again, at some point be honest with your partner, especially before you start having sex. You may or may not get rejected. If he decides to support you beautiful and if not , I promise you it will not be the end of the world. Remember you are beautiful inside and out….educate yourself as much as possible and the less stress the less out breaks.

  10. MelissaMelissa10-30-2012

    It has been almost 3 years since my diagnosis and life definitely goes on. Since the undeniable, initial outbreak, I’ve had only a partial outbreak; meaning, I took lysine which shortened the duration considerably. While I’ve not had outbreaks, it was hard learning this does not go away. I assume it came from a long term, long distance, monogomous relationship. I had only had 1 relationship (ex-husband) prior to my long term but that ended years ago. Once I got past the social stigna, hurt and depression, I realized that herpes doesn’t define me. I keep myself healthy and while I don’t suffer from outbreaks, I’ve learned my body; when I feel tingling I immediately take 1000 mg lysine for a few days and that stops an outbreak from coming on. I was fortunate enough to find not one but two guys that accepted me for me and my annoying condition. I was honest and told them both. I never realized I’d find love again at all, so to have two options really made me confident in myself again. I chose one of the two and I love him extremely – not because he accepted me but because he truly loves me for me. He doesn’t have herpes to date and we’ve been dating 2 yrs, monogomous and unprotected sex. Except for my yearly OB visits, I wouldn’t know I have this condition. I can tell you this, educate yourself because what works for one person, may not work for you. Do not think you have to be resigned to taking contemporary medicine for the rest of your life. Forgive yourself and the person who may have given it to you – herpes is very hard to pinpoint but even if you know (like I did) the person who gave it to you, forgive anyway. Love yourself and live life. It’s an annoying disease but not unto death – life will go on but you must choose whether you’ll let herpes define you or whether it’s a minor issue that can crop up from time to time that you’ll deal with and get over. I was devasted and that first outbreak was horrible! I felt dirty, ashamed, like a tramp and felt I’d never find a guy who would deal with this without running for the hills – not. We are our own worse critics and enemies sometimes. I do hope this helps someone out there. I’m not happy having herpes, I mean, who would be? but I’m happy being me and I love myself enough to choose to move on.

  11. keketimes2keketimes211-10-2012

    I am 25 years old and was 23 when I was diagnosed. I felt horrible when I first found out. I thought my life was over at that moment. My first outbreak was so painful. Left me thinking it would be like that every ob. But after I was diagnosed I didn’t get another outbreak for about a year and a half. I continued my sex life because I didn’t think I would get outbreaks often. I just had about a month and a half long outbreak which was probably from all the stress i was having. I was in a fairly new relationship and I didn’t tell my gf right away bcuz we were having protected sex. Once I had another ob i decided i would have to break the news to her. It took me a whole day of thinking to finally get it off my chest. When I told her she was kinda upset that i didn’t tell her in the beginning. But she said she would be with me anyway and that we can still be happy and there are ways to prevent her from getting it. Educating yourself is the best thing to do when you have this awwful disease. This makes telling someone easier as you can correct them on the false info about this virus. I have learned to accept it and keep moving. I feel this was a sign from God that i need to slow down. Im actually not upset that I have it because I was having sex with a lot of partners and probably could have got hiv or aids or something. So ill take hsv over those. Like my doctor told me it is VERY VERY COMMON. Think of it this way herpes is basically chicken pox and damn near everybody has had chicken pox. I think in about another decade almost everyone will have it. life goes on. Just know that you are not alone and someone will accept you. I have had 3 girlfriends accept me with it. Just take care of yourself and be healthy and you can control the disease not the disease control you.

  12. CarlaCarla11-11-2012

    Hi, Ive had herpes for about a month that I got from hooking up with an ex bf. I was devastated, and I still am. My outbreak is gone but last night I was spending time with my ex bf from high school and we ended up having sex. We used a condom. I dont know why I did it but it was a huge mistake. im so worried that I gave it to him, and I would like to know if anyone knew the odds that he would contract it?

  13. philomenaphilomena11-16-2012

    i just got this diagnosed!!, Having my first outbreak,really unwell blisters and flu like symptoms,i have genital herpes,v remediesery uncomfortable,anyone have any remedies of how i can wash.

  14. philomenaphilomena11-16-2012

    i just got this diagnosed!!, Having my first outbreak,really unwell blisters and flu like symptoms,i have genital outbreak,i was in a long term relationship which ended,my ex did have a blister in his lip and complained he had something down there!! but he would not discuss it and he was working far away at the time so i only saw him once a month,maybe twice but i stopped sleeping with him as i found text messages on his phone from other women so i guess i had to state the obvious that he was cheating!! he played with my emotions and my mind,emotionally abusive too!! Anyway i ended the relationship,13 yrs was a long time together but there you go,my story!! my sympathy goes out to everyone as this is a constant reminder of an illness.

  15. JasmineJasmine11-16-2012

    I am18, when i found out that I was diagnosed with herpes was at the beginning of the year and it has really been stressing me out about it. Everything else in my life seems to be going perfect, i just started college, have a job and my family is really proud of me, everyone loves me because im always acting silly and telling jokes and people always tell me im beautiful and stuff but behind closed doors i cry myself to sleep almost everyday. i dont have anyoneTO TALK TO, i REALLY WISH THAT I HAD SOMEONE TO UNDERSTAND BUT i am too afraid to say anything because it seems like the people that i hang around they would go and tell everyone else and that will definitely ruin my whole life. everytime they talk about someone having an std i just put my head down and wish i was never here. I am the only person who knows. my little sisters look up to me and they want to be just like me when they grow up.i dont want them to look at me in a negative way. i wasnt the type of girl who was going around having sex with everyone that was my first time ever doing something sexual annd i just feel like i will never have a life. I am currently in a relationship with a great guy. we have not had sex at all and i am very very very afraid to tell him. i have been with him five months now and i love him to death, i would do anything for him. we dont really talk about sex but if we do he always tell me he’ll be ready when im ready and i really dont want to hurt him but at the same time i dont want him to walk out of my life. I just really wish i had someone to talk to because everyone else around me seems like they would not understand and i dont want to be judge. i just really want to let all of my feelings out because it has really been stressing me out. I am trying my best to stay strong I pray alot everyday, I just want to be happy.

  16. MarkMark11-21-2012

    I have just started a new relationship with a woman who I think is one of the most amazing, wonderful, honest and spiritual peiople I have ever met. We have dated a couple months and held off on sex until we know each other better. (What a novel concept! Lol). Last week we decided we were ready and she asked me if I had a condom. I said no. She asked if I was “disease free”. I said I think so, but have never been tested. Then she informed she was not. In fact, she has both herpes and hpv (warts?). She has had herpes for over 30 years since she was 21 and got hpv from her husband. She has only had a few outbreaks in all this time. Her husband never contracted herpes in the 23 years they were married and they had unprotected sex all the time according to her. Now I am very confused and afraid. Can I get either of these stds from kissing? Oral sex? Holding hands? Unprotected sex? Must I resign myself to using a condom for the rest of my life as long as I am with her? Yes, I care for this woman very much but how much will I be risking for the benefits to stay with her? Confused…

  17. C. MarieC. Marie11-26-2012

    Hello everyone,

    I found out in July that I contracted the viruses as well, I was 24 and now I’m 25. The only guy I been sleeping wit for almost a year told me he’s sorry but he didn’t have the virus but have yet to show me prove that he don’t. I suffer with depression and when I found out that I had the virus I felt like I couldn’t live with myself. Because my immune system is not good at all I also contracted a deadly infection that had me in tremendous pain for months. I always wonder if someone would ever want to touch me, be near me, or love me again and I still do wonder. I finally got the courage to tell a guy that I had a crush on for almost 10 years that I like him and sooner or later I’m going to have to tell him and I’m scared to death. I don’t have anybody to talk to but my doctor and she’s to busy to talk to every single day. I’m afraid that all this time it took me to tell him I liked him would’ve been a waste of time.

  18. K.ReedK.Reed11-30-2012

    Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to say I am very thankful for all of y’all stories. I am only 17, still in highschool, and after losing my virginity to my 22 year old boyfriend, whom I live with, today I was diagnosed. He is at work and I haven’t told him yet. We have been together for a while and even though he transmitted it to me unknowingly, I know he isn’t going to want anything to do with me. Y’all stories make me feel like I should still have hope,

  19. B.B.12-10-2012

    Hi, I found out two years ago at 22, that I was positive with herpes. I won’t even lie to you I was in a four year relationship in which he slept around and I slept around so I Will never know exactly where or who I caught it from. It took a very long time for me to realize that this forward was a blessing in disguise, it made me value myself, my life, my body, and my sexual life a lot more than I ever did. I have been so blessed to be in a relationship in which my boyfriend loves me, makes sure my health is always good, and he accepts my herpes. He proposed and we are now planning a wedding. Herpes is not the end of your life, true enough there are hard days but he is always by my side helping me. One day there Will be a cure I am sure of it but this has helped me to truly find someone who loves me for me. Each day it gets a lil easier just keep your faith and surround yourself with positive people.

  20. veronica williamsveronica williams01-22-2013

    I was amazed and didn’t know what to expect when i saw the ages and the circumstances of those of you who shared personal things with others. All i could think of was how brave and strong each of you were who has this virus. I was pleased to hear so many of you being so positive in dealing with this virus not letting it take your joy and making you even more special people. Sorry you have to deal with this at such a young age but proud that you shared to help other young and old feel a little better. I wish i could help you guys carry the pain and if i could i would hold hand hug all of you cause i empathize with you dearly. All i can say is that you are the spokes people for those not as strong to share, i pray you continue to stay strong positive in dealing with this virus and maybe this new age will have a new discovery that relieve you of this virus. God Bless

  21. Termagant2Termagant201-26-2013

    Guess I’m not at the same season of life as the rest of you…I’m 58 and after 30 years of misdiagnosis, mistreatment and on and off suffering, I finally know what it is: HSV-1 but the genital kind. No idea how I got it; I’ve been married 26 years and was celibate many years before that, so who knows? Not that knowing would make the pain go away.

    I’ve had many long stretches outbreak-free, sometimes almost a year at a time. Now, though, as I get older they recur more frequently and are harder to cope with. The current spell has lasted since September, with almost a week pain-free in all that time. I try to go about my normal life and not let it get me down. But it’s hard, and from what I’m reading, this disease is forever.

    Those of you who believe, please pray for me.

  22. JREDJRED03-16-2013

    I am 23 about to be 24 and I was diagnosed with herpes 2 years ago. I am still really depressed about the whole situation. I have been dating this guy for 2 months now and I really want to take our relationship to the next level but dont know how to tell him about my situation. I need some advice on how to tell my partner and also some adivce on how to prevent me spreading it to him.

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