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Practice Safe SexPlay it SAFE and SMART. Safe Sex isn’t just about not getting pregnant – it’s about your life. No one is worth the risk of exposing yourself to sexually transmitted diseases or various other infections. This page is designed to show you how to play it safe and smart.
Safe Sex Information

Having no sex is obviously the safest sex, but let’s be honest, how many of us are really going to stay abstinent? Sex is natural and in most cases a wonderful experience. People are not just going to stop having sex regardless of STD risk or scares. So the best way to stop unwanted pregnancies and STD’s other than not having sex is by committing to the practice of safe sex.

Be Smart and Be Safe!

For those who are ready, sex can be an amazing experience. But one great experience can lead to a troubles that can last the remainder of your life. An unwanted pregnancy or some STD’s is for life while other STD’s cause a lifetime of stress related to the memory of the experience. Being incurable, there is no getting rid of AIDS, herpes or HPV.

That is why safe sex is the best sex. You can get just as much sensual pleasure while protecting yourself as you can when you don’t. But, when you wake up in the morning you won’t wake up with a gift from that experience that will remain with you for life.

The best form of safe sex, outside of abstinence, is the condom. It protects against everything that you want to prevent and although it cannot protect you 100% you can at least know that you are doing everything you can to protect yourself. When you feel like you can trust your partner, then spermacide and female contraceptives are the next logical choices.

Practice Safe Sex

Are you ready to have a child with whoever you are sleeping with? Having a child means you are creating a connection to that person that will last, at a minimum, of 18 years. Are you ready for that? Do you want an STD or AIDS to haunt you for the rest of your life? Are the sexual experiences with this person worth paying for it for as long as you life and breathe?

It Can Happen To You!

If you are having casual sex with many partners or even practicing serial monogamy (dating one person exclusively at a time), it is wise to always use a condom. With AIDS and other STD’s so prominent today, you leave yourself very susceptible to exposure when you choose not to use a condom. Dealing with sores in your genital area is the least of the concern, the emotional traumas associated with the stigmas of having an STD are overwhelming. Are you ready to deal with the emotional pains and the physical symptoms of genital sores and discomfort, on and off for the rest of your life? This is precisely the case as it is when living with genital herpes.

If you practice safe sex, you can minimize or oftentimes eliminate the worries. You can wake up in the morning knowing that you most likely did not catch a disease and know that you are not an unplanned parent-to-be.

Unprotected sex may seem better and may even feel better. But is that small amount of pleasure worth a lifetime of pain or heavy responsibility? Think twice about it and if that’s not enough, think again and practice safe sex.

Safe Sex Resource

Are you worried about protecting yourself during sex but don’t know how? Have you hoped to stumble on a reliable website that you could research safe sex and get the best references? Do you want to get your questions answered but are too embarrassed to ask?

Safe Sex Information

In today’s world, there is no question that one of the best places to find safe sex information is the internet. Although you may trust your healthcare providers opinion, they are not always available for quick questions and hard facts. No one has the time to go to the doctor every time they have a question about sex and many times, people are simply too embarrassed to ask their healthcare giver questions for fear of feeling like an STD Dummy.

Is All At Your Fingertips!

With so many websites popping up that are being designed and/or written by doctors, you can find information on almost any question or problem you may have. Sites made by organizations such as Planned Parenthood, ASHA and The CDC are filled with safe sex information. There is no limit to the knowledge you can acquire.

In today’s world, everyone is worried about their active sex drive ruining their lives. No one wants to give up sex, but everyone wants to be safe. That is why a wave of doctors and volunteers are concerned with peoples general well being are publishing free information on how to protect yourself. Everything from books and literature to videos and pictures are at your disposal and are no more than a mouse click away.

Regardless of what you want to know about, you can learn. Sex is easy to make safe with little effort. So be smart and read all you can on safe sex information.

Safe Sex Guide

Do you want to know a simple safe sex guide that will help answer anyone’s questions within a few paragraphs? Do you want to know what the simple rules are to remaining free of STD’s and pregnancy? The lines for having safe sex are easy to comprehend and logical in matter.

A Simplified Safe Sex Guide

There are two types of sexual relationships; monogamous and non monogamous. No matter how healthy and free from STD’s anyone says they are, or how many times she tells you she is on birth control, use a condom! Condoms help prevent STD’s and unwanted pregnancies. There have been many cases where birth control pills fail due to antibiotic use or a handful of other reasons. Don’t take the chance, cover yourself!

If you are not in a steady relationship, you better cap your soldier. But, if you are monogamous and you know that your partner is too, then the rules change slightly to accommodate the individual relationship needs. Condoms are still great tools in safe sex, but if you truly trust your partner and their word pertaining to your risk, then there are alternatives intended to only protect against pregnancies.

For the truthful and faithful couple, female condoms and spermicides work well in pregnancy protection. They give you the added sensation of feeling your partner, but have limited protection. So follow the safe sex guide and remember, you and your partner pay if you stray from the rules.

Safe Sex Education

Not everyone received an education in safe sex when they were in school. There are people that think that pulling out will prevent pregnancies. There are people that don’t realize that STD’s are life-long and health threatening. There are actually people that believe that you can tell if a person has an STD just by looking at their outward appearance! The very founder of this site used to be one of “those people” until she became one of those people living with an STD due to the infidelities of her former spouse. So keep that in mind, the next time you think to yourself “they look like their clean!”

Safe Sex Education should be FOREMOST in everyone’s life!

If you are sexually active, you should know the ramifications of your own actions. If you have unprotected sex just once with one partner, you have swapped fluids with every person your partner has been with. If you think that you cannot get infected or pregnant on you first time, you couldn’t be more wrong.

You are susceptible to any negative result that sex might cause each time you do it without protection. Condoms are the absolute best answer to protecting yourself, no matter who is teaching your safe sex education. Condoms will help prevent life long, and even life threatening diseases.

On top of keeping your body healthy, you need to worry about unwanted pregnancies. Sex is a great pleasure but can have horrible consequences if you and your partner are not prepared to raise a child. Who thought something that feels so good could have the potential to make your life so bad. Make sure you are up to date on your safe sex education because otherwise, you will be paying the consequences.

Safe Anal Sex

When most people think of safe sex, they think of traditional penal/vaginal sex. Protection is essential for every sex act, including oral and anal sex. Disease is easily spread through anal sex so it is absolutely essential to use the proper protection.

Safe Oral Sex

Many people often consider oral sex to be “safer” than other methods of sex. That is completely not true. Without safe oral sex, you can still spread or contract sexually transmitted diseases. You can experience a higher level of satisfaction if you participate in safe oral sex because your mind will be free from the worries surrounding the risk of STD’s.

Safe Oral Sex – The Basics

In order to engage in safe oral sex, you need the right protection. Condoms are the best product to use on the penis for oral sex. Dental dams should be used when oral sex is performed on females.

Herpes is the most commonly spread disease when it comes to oral sex. If someone has Herpes Simplex Virus I, which is oral herpes, it can be transmitted to the genital area during oral sex. As herpes is currently incurable, don’t take this risk; practice safe oral sex every time.

You can purchase all your oral sex protection via the Internet. At Condomania, you can find all the condoms and dental dams you need without leaving the privacy, comfort and convenience of your own home or office.

Oral Sex Risks

Many people truly believe the myth that there is no risk in oral sex. They truly believe that you cannot contract any diseases and that it is a safe way to pleasure your partner. It’s time to put an end to that particular myth!

Realize the Risks of Oral Sex

Just because there is no genital-to-genital contact or penetrative sex, does not mean that you cannot suffer some of the same consequences. There are many diseases, such as herpes, that can infect the mouth. When you are getting or giving oral sex, you can contract it to either area. Herpes type 1 is not just hanging out in the oral region anymore and Herpes type 2 doesn’t always prefer to set up home below the belt. These viruses ARE crossing barriers and you can get them from oral sex!

STD’s do travel in other fashions than through straight sex.

Plus, although it is rare but not impossible, you can get and give AIDS though oral sex. If you or your partner has a cut in your mouth, you can get and give AIDS through white blood cells emitted from the mouth. All it would take is your partner having brushed their teeth too hard or bit into a chip the wrong way, if they have HIV then BOOM you ARE exposed!

Don’t be a Dummy! Get Smart and Stay Safe!


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